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  • 10 November 2021
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I am unsure of what is happening as I am new to Elementor. I drag in the “Post Navigation” and every time I do I only get the option of “PREVIOUS” and no “NEXT” button. I’ve created several posts but none of them are showing up. I get the “Contact” under the button so when it is clicked it goes to the contact page which I do not want.

What do I do to fix this? Attached is a photo for reference. 

2 replies

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@Allie Fabrizio have you found your answer yet? If so, please share it here so we can mark your answer as the best one and help others who may run into a similar issue.


If not, can you please give more detail, for example, when you say drag in the widget, what are you dragging it into? a page you have created with Elementor or perhaps a single post template you have created with Elementor theme builder?

A link to the website would also be useful, thanks.

I’ve been having the same issue. I just updated to the latest version of Elementor and it didn’t fix the issue. I did notice that the “next post” is showing on SOME of the published posts, but it doesn’t show up when I’m editing either individual posts or my single post template, and isn’t showing on all published posts. If I were to attach a screenshot, it would look just like Allie’s (OP).

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction!