pop up needs to show once per session

  • 25 November 2021
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Dear reader,

I really need some help with a pop-up I cannot find a solution. I’m trying to set up a pop up to only display once per session. I have included the pop-up on the entire site and have activated on page load. Then I have also activated Show up to X times on 1, but this does nothing.

Please help me, it took me already so long to find a solution.

many thanks in advance!



Best answer by Alex Skripnikov 25 November 2021, 14:02

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5 replies

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@Glenn Triepels 

I have moved your post to a more appropriate room so you will be more likely to get help. Also, it will help people to help you if you could supply more information, e.g. Website Link, screenshots, what steps have you taken so far. Please read this post, thanks:


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Hi Susan,

Many thanks for your reply. Let me give some more explanation. I have created a pop up, the pop you can see in the attachments. The problem that I am facing is that the pop-up keeps showing up, I just want it to show one time per session. I have also created images of the settings.

The advanced settings I already played with. This is not working properly. When I inter Show up to X times 1 time, then the pop-up won't  show.

Please someone help me with this.

many thanks in advcance! 


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I guess the problem is that you are trying to test it in development mode. As far as I know pop up session settings are stored in Cookie's, for your session it has been shown once so it will not show up again. To test the pop up you have te be a new visitor. Try to test this option via another browser or using incognito mode in chrome browser for example

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Wow, Alex that did the job. Many thanks for your help!! :) 

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You are welcome