Newbie Elementor guide tips for musicians

  • 25 July 2021
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Hi all!

I’m a mature musician, and have just released my debut EP (mid-June 2021), which is now available on all major online digital distributor stores. I’m new to social media, and having a hard time trying to navigate through Facebook, Instagram, etc., in order to promote my EP. I’ve set up a Facebook page, (which I’m still tweaking) but have been advised to create a website in order to have a professional email address to engage/link all my social media accounts to, and which would help build up a fan base and drive them to my personal website to help build up my fan base email list.

Are there any musicians or forum members who have experience of using Elementor to design simple, streamlined websites for musicians/music producers? Specifically, this is the functionality I seek:

  1. Have a well-designed, simple audio player plugin to list my songs, and automatically play one of the songs of my EP whenever my website is accessed.
  2. I’ll also want to upload live performances, and would therefore like to know of the best way to upload and configure these with Elementor.
  3. Have an eCommerce page listing the EP for sale, as well as option to purchase single songs. I have WooCommerce installed along with my WordPress installation, but it’s just too complicated to configure for basic sales, and is overkill for my basic requirements at this time. 
  4. Use the Elementor features that will optimally facilitate fast response/upload times across laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  5. How to integrate my social media accounts with my WordPress/Elementor website.
  6. Have reputable SEO functionality.

I am using the OceanWP theme, as I like it’s clean layout/text. I’ve also checked out some plugins regarding adding the functionality I require (outlined above), but its proving to be a rather challenging task, with all the overwhelming number of choices out there. 

I’d appreciate your advice and recommendations. 

Thanks in advance!

3 replies

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Hello @Ade0,

Check out Sonaar ( they might have what you’re looking for. 


Thanks Wildy! I had already seen that linka few weeks ago.

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@Ade0 have you found your answer yet? If so, please share it here so we can mark your answer as the best one and help others who may run into a similar issue.