New Course! Build a Blog in Elementor

  • 15 December 2021
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New Course! Build a Blog in Elementor
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Let’s create a blog together!

In this course, we'll create a full blog website using Elementor Pro and a template Kit. We’ve created this course especially for bloggers, to teach you how to use Elementor to create and manage a full, beautifully designed blogging website. No previous WordPress or web design experience necessary.

Complete with animations, guided tutorials, and course assets, this course will provide you with everything you need to follow along and create a full blog website.

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With @Simi @michaelf @Sagig @Sivan Kotek @Simon Shor @Dafi Mekel @Saar Kedem 

Special thank you to @royeyal @Maayan Lazarovich @Shilo @Steven @Doron wolf @Asaf Rotstain Alan Kaler, and Shmuel Abramoff for consultation and expertise. 


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2 replies

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great !!


Around 2:30 in the video, Aviva selects a title widget that is already setup with a Custom dynamic field pulling the category.

How on Earth do you add that to a new Archive page that doesn’t have one?

I’m creating sn Archive page via the Theme Builder; can put Archive Titel and Archive Posts on it; but if I insert a title widget and click the dynamic button; I get a list of things to choose from that does not have the “Meta Data” and “Custom” shown in the video…?

In other words, how do I set up an archive page for a category - from scratch?