MP4 videos not being rendered correctly on desktop when maximized

  • 6 December 2021
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I have a bunch of mp4 files and I am using the video widget to render them.  The widget works fine, apparently, with YouTube videos but mine get truncated slightly on both the left and right sides of the screen when maximized.  Note that they are displayed correctly when they are not maximized. I have tried all different parameter changes to no avail.  Is this a bug or there is something I am not specifying that I need to?  Thanks.


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Hi TonyZ,

can you show us your website?


Best Regards

I am currently testing the videos with Desktop Server so my live website will not show the problem.  I don’t want to upload them until the issue is resolved.

Additional information: if I display the video FULLSCREEN on the Media Library screen it displays correctly.

I found the problem and the solution.  Apparently, the aspect ratio of the videos was not quite 16:9.  It was somewhere around 16.43:9.  It seems like the video widget just truncates the video to 16:9 while the other players are more intelligent.  I just reformatted my videos to exactly 16:9 and the problem was solved.