mobile header diffrent or deskop for all sides

  • 28 July 2021
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Hello, I use Theme bulider. I create header for alle sides, now  I want create mobile header (diffrent or deskop)  How to make it appear on all subpages in the mobile version?


3 replies

I’d install the Elementor Header & Footer Builder plugin to create the different responsive versions.

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Hey You can create different headers in Elementor Pro. 
When you are inside your header builder, you can control the sections which one to appear on mobile and which one to appear for desktop users.
The option is available for each section, column or widget in Advanced Tab > Responsive > Enable or Disable

Also you have conditons options through which you can include or exclude different pages.
This conditions options you can find it next to update button there is up arrow >  Display Conditions.

A combination of both the above options can help you get this job done.