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  • 25 November 2021
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My client asked me if it is possible to integrate its post on linkedin with the website - he wants to be able to write a post on linkedin and publish it on one of its website page.

I know it’s possible with other platforms, but i’m not sure about linked in. I could not find anything beside creating the api, making an app etc. etc.

anybody else here had the same problem and found an easy solution?

maybe it’s super-easy and I just can’t see it…. :)


2 replies

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Hi @imaginisdesignstudio 

Most of the plugins do the the reverse things, I mean they automatically share the WordPress content to the LinkedIn Profile. Plugin like LinkedIn Company Updates is not updated properly.

I find  Taggbox provide services for that and elfsight is planning to release a product for it. you may check it from here:

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