License Status Mismatch

  • 26 August 2021
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I recently inherited a site and am in the process of migrating it. I noticed on the staging ta warning for Elementor License key (Your license key doesn't match your current domain.).

When the staging takes over the live will the license key work without any issues? Domain will stay the same but IP is changing.


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6 replies

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check with  your associated emails that you have on account ?
may be you purchased with different email id and created account with different one.

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I everybody.

i am french and bike journalist but try to do my ouwn site with elementor. so, i have teh same problem since 1 monthg : the message : Your license key doesn't match your current domain. but i have elementor and elementor pro. 

do you think i, can remove elementor and just keep elementor pro ?

and then?





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Can you loginto your account adn make sure your websites shows it there.


you should see it here

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Make sure you are not using same eleemntor key on other sites.


Yes. When you use Elementor with a localhost, it is not considered as an activation, so the license can be used on the production site.

To activate Elementor Pro on a live site, simply follow these instructions.

NOTE: just read this below

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thanks James.

sorry for disturbing : i have just deconnected the license and re-connect. and it disappears.

but i am still afraid to uninstall the free version of elementor ;


have a good day