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  • 24 November 2021
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Good morning !

We are a school and we bought for 100 licenses. However, we notice that each student must log in with the administration email ... with the account information that was created for the purchase.

If I understand correctly, is it ONE user for the 100 licenses?

Thank you for explaining how to handle everything.

3 replies

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If I have this correct you have 100 licences to create 100 websites. When you create a website in Wordpress (using Elementor as the editor) you can create multiple users - so, one for each pupil - and as long as the website is the same you only using one of the licences for Elementor. 

In theory under your license you could have 100 websites using Elementor and each website could have many users.

I may have that wrong and am prepared to be corrected, but that’s my understanding!

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Actually, I notice one important thing: we are in a school, so all the computers have the same IP. Perhaps this is why the figure of 100 does not go down despite having 5 students who use licenses.

What do you think ?