"Hero" section, image? What does "Hero" mean?

  • 14 January 2022
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I am going through the 8 lesson YouTube course on getting started with Elementor.  In Lesson 5, “Building the HomePage”, at the beginning the instructor (I’m sorry I forget your name) states, “Ok. Let’s start building. Begin by setting up a container which will hold the ‘Hero’ content.”   I also see numerous references here, in this forum,  to “Hero” image and “hero” section.  

Purposely avoiding the cheap puns and references to Spiderman, et. al., what exactly is the “hero” section?


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It’s a web design term (jargon) that refers to those big sections at the top of a webpage that a visitor sees first - typically a large background image with a headline and a ‘call to action’ button or link.

Apparently the term originates from the theater world (a ‘hero prop’ being a more detailed prop as it’s designed to be ‘front and center’ on stage).


Thank you, @Martin Waterhouse