Changing themes: from a custom theme to Hello. A few questions

  • 11 November 2021
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Hi, everyone.


I’m writing because I’ve looked and couldn't find an answer anywhere, but if you have a link that answers my queries, feel free to share it.

I currently have a custom theme installed on my website, but it’s too slow. I want to switch to Hello and customise it (with Elementor Pro)  but all the tutorials on Elementor’s website are for starting from scratch… which I really don’t want to do.


So my main question is, if I switch from my current theme to Hello, will I be able to easily use the tutorial videos and change my header/footer, pages, etc., without having to do it all from scratch or wasting too much time (don’t want to leave my site in Maintenance Mode for too long).

My current theme already allows me to use Elementor Pro, so that won’t be an issue.


Thanks for reading.

4 replies

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@Leanor C Yes you will be able to do it quite easily and if you visit Elementor Academy and do a search for what you want to do next, you should be able to start at a point you are comfortable with.


This page on the Academy shows all kinds of tutorials and there is one specifically for creating your header in the second row down of the listed videos.


Theme Builder Tutorials

Hi, Susan


Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve been to the Elementor Academy and know what I’ll need to do in theory, but I’m afraid the changes might break what I’ve already got set up in my website currently. All Elementor tutorials assume you’re starting from scratch, which isn’t my case.


For example, I’ve got headers and footers set up - if I change from my custom theme to Hello, will they remain the same and with the same settings? That’s the kind of think I’m worried about. 

I hope this clarifies things a bit more. Thanks again.

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@Leanor C Assuming you created those headers and footers with Elementor Pro and not via a theme, then changing to “Hello” theme will not affect them.

Like I mentioned in my original post, I have a custom theme :/ So I guess this is going to be a whole lot more trouble than I first thought.