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  • 25 November 2021
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I am using a blog grid and am trying to figure out how to modify the element that displays each blog post so that the entire box is clickable to the post it displays.

The default is very odd where the thumbnail opens the post in the same window, title opens post in a new window, excerpt is not clickable, surrounding box is not clickable and ‘Read more’ text opens post in same window.


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4 replies

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Hi @nateads 

You can create own blog archive template with Elementor Custom Skin plugin. It is free and very handy. There are lots of tutorial videos are available YouTube.

Hope it will Help you.

Best Wishes


Is there a code based approach I could use? I recall seeing something on Google awhile back where I can drop something into the themes child folder as a function.php to overwrite how Elementor produces elements.


If editing the code is not an option in Elementor, realistically I just need to fix what appears to be a bug in both the Blog Grid and Fancy Box elements as my ‘Link Options’ are set to not open in a new window, but they are doing so regardless,

 even though the check box is unclicked.


After speaking with the theme developer I realized the issue is a flaw within the theme not Elementor. The theme allows the option to turn off new browser windows for the links, but the php file was not developed to accept that toggle change.