Astra Footer Widget Question

  • 14 January 2022
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I fully realize this is not an Elementor question. This is an Astra Theme question but there is no good forum, that I can find, for Astra help.  If I need to be taken out and shot, I guess that is my fate.  but you brilliant people work often with Astra theme and I hope that you will/can help me figure this out.

When working with the Astra Header/Footer Builder the different sections have “+” signs where one can add widgets.   But the available to add have a couple of them named such as “HTML”, “Copyright”, etc.  But then there are four more just named Widget 1, Widget 2, Widget 3 and Widget 4.  One doesn;t know what those widgets are until one drags it to footer. 

Why are they numbered instead of named?  Why is it done this way?

3 replies

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@Ron Petersen Hi!

That's because unlike the predefine onces like: Copyright, Social, Footer Menu, etc, those elements/blocks allows you to assign ANY available widget on your WordPress installation. Therefore, Astra uses a generic name for those footer elements.


P.S. I hope you don't get banned since Astra is a 100% supported theme by Elementor.


@Alejandro DeLaPuente   “Hi!” back at you.  Thank you for responding.    But I still don’t get it.  How do I “assign”  a Header, as an example, to “Widget 1” (or 2 or 3 or 4)?

Sorry to be so dense.

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@Ron Petersen , I'm not quite sure if I'm understanding you but here's my answer as per my understanding:

There's not such element as Header or Footer. Header and Footer are sections of your website. Therefore, you can't assign a Header or a Footer to a Widget.

You build your Header/Footer by selecting different widgets and positioning them on the corresponding area.

For example, here I have the following widgets:

  1. On the top bar, I've added Account and Button widgets (2 widgets) to the right column.
  2. On the middle bar, I've added the Site Title + Logo widget to the left column, Search widget to the middle column, and Primary Menu widget to the right column.
  3. On the bottom bar, I've added a Widget 1 widget to the left column. To that Widget 1 widget I've assign it a Parragraph element.

This, as a whole, is my Header.