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  • 15 September 2021
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Our old website, made with wordpress storefron, has gone down in history. Now we are trying to make a more ambitious website, and being self-taught in the world of technology we are going to need a little help.

I like to be a consultant. When downloading Elementor I decided to make the new website with the Moonly kit. The kit in the overview of the demo came with 13 pages, but I only had 5 downloaded, does anyone know why this has happened? How could I get the ones I am missing?

If anyone wants to take a look and make recommendations of any kind, it is welcome.

7 replies

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Just a suggestion:

It may be that there are five pages and eight posts. 

I don't think so, especially because it coincides with the fact that some are cart, checkout ...

Attached overview capture

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Gonna install and see…



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I got nine.

Moonly Import


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… and the number of links add up to what I got.

Moonly Links


but neither are they the 13 that it offers… :(