WooCommerce "available on back order" text color

  • 25 September 2021
  • 7 replies

Hi! can somebody please help me with changing the text color for “available on backorder” on my Ecommerce website? currently, once the size is selected, a bright green color “available on backorder” message shows, but my background color is olive and the message is not visible. thank you!

7 replies

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Are you able to share a link?

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Hello you need to move to the style tab and change color if you feel you are making changes and its not working then do one thing please clean the cache and check it. this might help.

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Oh yea phease do lell me where are you trying to change color ?


choose a size, and you’ll see the “available on back order” in this green color that is barely legible. 


thank you!

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ok got it


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Paste Below css to custom css

p.stock.available-on-backorder {
color: #5c6164 !important;



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