Stuck in Maintenance Mode [Coming Soon]

  • 21 October 2021
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As title - I’m stuck in Maintenance Mode!

I’ve activated the native elementor option for coming soon and, when I’ve disabled it, it har remained stuck :/


Already tried all the suggested option:

  • Cache cleaning
  • CSS regeneration

Anyone got a better idea?



2 replies

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@Filippo Fernicola

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My site is stuck in maintenance mode and I’ve determined Elementor Pro is causing it. When I deactivate EP plugin the site runs. When the EP plugin is activated maintenance mode is loaded.

I have no .maintenance file.

So I deleted the instance of EP and copied a working version from the local instance of the website and EP still loads maintenance mode.

I deleted that instance of EP I copied from the local instance of the same website and tried installing 3.5.1 as a new plugin. I have a copy of 3.5.1 and it too loads maintenance mode. Furthermore, AFIK the install of EP 3.5.1 is not the latest and the instance of the 3.5.1 plugin I installed in not notifying me that there is an update available.

So meanwhile the site remains FUBAR because nobody has a foolproof solution that I’ve been able to find.