Saved Site vs. Published Site vs. Live Site Issue

  • 14 January 2022
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Hey all!

I am very new to Wordpress & Elementor (just started this week) and I’ve been working through some issues (some of my own making and some that I can’t seem to ID). I’ve read through some blog posts, watched some videos and looked through some convos here, but haven’t really found my answer yet. 

I’m having a frustrating issue where what I see in my editing preview is different from what I see in my published view (my sticky header seems to unstick itself) and this is all different from what shows up on my actual website (it just shows up as the template I used with my menu bafflingly)! I’ve read you can regenerate the CSS, but when I dug into that it seemed like there were some issues with that, that made me nervous…

Any thoughts? Fixes?

Thanks so much!


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