Remove #popup-name hash from url

  • 25 November 2021
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Hi everyone!

Is there a way to remove the #popup-name from the url of a pop-up triggered by a menu link? 

When triggered by a button with dynamic link for the pop-up the url do not include the #popup-name, which is perfect.

But the link for this pop up must come from the nav menu. 

I searched a lot and tried different ways of doing that but right now I am stuck with the #hash 

Thank you in advance!!


Best answer by Rosana Papareli 25 November 2021, 19:45

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3 replies

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Use this option that should work

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Hi Alex,

thank you for your answer but this is what I have already done and the # is there. 

Look, the popup settings:

The menu link, with the id #entrar:

When the popup is opened the hash #entrar is added to the url and stays there even after the popup is closed and page is refreshed:


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I don't know how but this post was marked as solved.

It is not solved, I am still looking for a solution, if someone have any ideas I would really appreciate!

Thank you!