ReferenceError: elementorFrontend is not defined on main page

  • 20 July 2021
  • 2 replies

Hello, when I open my website without wordpress admin, I have a problem, elementor does not load on main pages (I have 4 languages), other pages there is no problem. Also when Iam logged in into wp-admin, there is no problem. As I can see the problem inside plugin extras-for-elementor. But deactivating does not work and deleting it from file system creates alot more problems and still does not work.

When Iam not logged in:


When Iam logged in (as site should look like):


If you need additional informations tell me, thank you

2 replies

Update: So I made a copy of website on different hosting and there is no problem there Also I created a staging version on the same account on sitegrounds as my website and there is no problem too.  I dont know what is the problem… 

The most problematic is that without elementor doesnt word language changer and all the menus on mobile version.