Mobile Display Issues at certain times of the day

  • 13 October 2021
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My blog posts and pages created with Elementor aren’t displaying properly mobile version.


They have a strange padding around the posts making the text and photos small. The font also shows differently in the paragraphs although I apply the same formatting on everything before I publish. Next to my logo the menu icon also isn’t showing. (Please see screenshots of how my post should look like and how it looks like with the error)


On the desktop, however, it works all fine.


Strangely, I notice the issue in the early morning (UK time) which then goes away around 8AM and my posts display correctly, which is very strange as I never know what causes the issue.


I talked to my host, the theme’s support, my ad network support and nothing seems to solve the issue completely.


Many thanks for your help.

7 replies

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The first thing I noticed is that the mobile [hamburger] menu icon is missing from the first image, but present in the third. So, just to be clear, your intention is for the mobile view to look like the first image?

Are you able to share a link, so we may take a closer look?

Hi Simon,


Thank you for your help. So my intention is for the mobile view to look like the third image with the hamburger menu icon and the feature image to be expanded. The first two images are the ones that display certain hours a day for some reason then the layout switches back to normal. 


Here’s a link to on of my blog posts which currently displays correctly on my mobile but is now broken on my desktop view!



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Ok… let’s start with the desktop view:

Ok… sort that, first.

Thank you, I unticked the box next to the width row but it still looks strange. I couldn’t see where would you change it to full with under Layout.



Looking at the differences between my home page and post page I noticed that for some reason there’s a massive amount of margin/border and padding is added to my post page which isn’t there on my home page. 

Could you please advice on how I can get rid of that?



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I couldn’t see where would you change it to full with under Layout.


How to Change the Content Width for a Section

Selecting Full Width removes the option to set the width manually.

I’m imagining you’re using a single post template for your posts, in which case, you’ll need to edit the template, as illustrated above. Once you’ve done that, go to the Advanced tab (to the right of Style) and remove [at least] the value set for the top margin.


One quick way to check for uniformity is to edit your Home page and see what the settings for the Section(s) are, i.e. content width, margins, etc, then replicate them on your single post template.


I hope that helps.

Thank you for that that’s very helpful.


My issue is now that I can’t even access Elementor at all to edit anything as it gives me the Error 500 message.


As soon as I deactivated all my plugins but Elelemtor the issue went away. Do you know which plugin or settings would cause issues when used with Elementor?


Could you advise with this please?