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  • 26 November 2021
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Hi everyone

i am tracking down an issue with elementor global font styles and learndash.

My page works perfect,  it only one section seems to miss global css.

in my lession section, a new bug appeared: missing body tag for font styles. It’s only showing times new Roman instead of my global font.


i asked learndash / they say they only use global settings. I asked theme author - he thinks learndash misses something.


my last hope is here.

Unless you have some custom code associated with your LearnDash posts, fonts in a site are dictated by theme or a font plugin.

I'd can‘t find the source of fonts not loading (which will not be caused by LearnDash).

Chances are, if i had a script loading them, that script would not load in the theme or some other plugin. 

  • I checked global font setting the7 theme
  • i checked global settings fonts elementor 
  • I checked all custom css 

i just can’t track down the issue. Everything seems to be okay.


Thanks you for advice, maybe there is a css to „force“ global font settings?

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