Landing pages show 404

  • 21 July 2021
  • 6 replies

Does anyone else have trouble creating landing pages?

More accurately do you get a 404 page after you publish one? I have never really been able to get these to work properly. I can see the correct page name in the URL but the content that shows is my 404 page. Any ideas?

6 replies

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Are you using the permalink but still get a 404? 


I am 


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That’s really weird.  Did you try the steps below, maybe there is a plugin conflict?



same problem

same problem sinds now. before no. and could always fix it. after an update sometimes the permalink structure changes…. i set it back to custom and it is fixed. but now 404 when you visit the page as a non logged in user. anybody got a fix?


@Sophie1984duif I change permlink to “post name” and it works.