I just can't activate my pro license on my website! Every time I get an error 404 page not found, HELP!

  • 25 November 2021
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I'm really desperate on the moment. I've tried literal everything!

'’Long'’ story short:

I really enjoyed Elementor for 2 years now and I've decided to renew my subscription again for a third year. BUT instead that I just automatically renew my subscription I've canceled my subscription and bought a new one with Black Friday sale (with 10% off) After that I'd go to my WP dashboard and deactivated my old license (That was about to expire in 2 days) so I could activate my new license to the website. But then this problems happens over and over again:

So I click on the connect & activate button. (Yes I also did it through the Elementor > License menu)
When I've clicked on the connect & activate button I see this. (I have the option to select this *new subscription that I paid and my old subscription that expires in 2 days)
Then this happens/this loads up. When I go back to my website or to my WP admin menu or the Elementor > License Menu It says that I need to connect and activate my pro license and if I try again the same happens to me over and over again (all the screenshots).
I tried everything! I even removed all themes (Using twenty twentyone in this screenshot) and plugins and then reinstalled Elementor and Elementor pro to try and activate it again. Still the same problem happens to me over and over again!

I also tried all the options on this page:

Cleared the cache of my browser and restarted my computer and even did go back 2 days before the problem occurred using my site backups (Files and Databases)


Also Elementor is not responding on Paypal for over 24 hours now (I opened a refund request because the upgrade didn't work) and also not responding on my support ticket for like 12 hours now.


It is all really frustrating for me because I couldn't work on my website for like the whole day now and I spend already more then 6 hours trying to solve the issue by myself. I'm almost giving up and posting this on the Elementor community is really my last resort. If it can't be fixed then I will want my money back and switch over to an other website builder even if I really don't want to! (Because I really enjoyed using Elementor!) 


I did try to activate the license on my second website and that did work, so it is really a website issue! I really need it to work or my main website.



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@Tom VanDen Hem Have you found your answer yet? If so, please share it here so we can mark your answer as the best one and help others who may have a similar question, thanks :)

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@Susan Hope Yes, luckily I've found it! Somehow there were some things wrong with the .htaccess file so we decided to completely remove (or deactivate) the file and made a new one with the default settings in it.