Extra PRO License for staging site(s) in /staging?

  • 15 September 2021
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I’m hosted on Bluehost, and they create their staging sites in a subfolder off the main site (  

When support for staging sites was announced at the start of the year, they didn’t support this structure, only domains or subdomains.

So, couple questions:

  1. Any progress in supporting the subfolder approach for staging?
  2. I happen to have a 3 site license and only 2 production sites.  Is there any issue with using the 3rd license in the staging site for site A, disconnecting it when I’m done, and then reusing it for the staging site for site B when needed?

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9 replies

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You won’t have any issues. I’ve actually got Elementor Pro installed  on WP in a subfolder and it’s working fine.

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Not sure about 1 but for 2 you won’t have problems deactivating and reactivating on another staging site.

Another approach might be to use Local to develop sites without having to activate an elementor licence:

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Not sure about 1...

Here’s my EP test site… in a subfolder.

Thanks for the info.  Wasn’t aware of Local.  I’ll take a look at it.  Thanks again!

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Thanks for the info.  Wasn’t aware of Local.  I’ll take a look at it.  Thanks again!

No problem!

@Abner Rojas  - Up and running on Local, one question, I restored my backup to a unique site name based on the backup file name.  All looks fine, but when I go into edit a template, Elementor says there is a license key mismatch and prompts to reactivate.  Should I reactivate or how does Elementor Pro understand I’m working locally?

Thanks for the info! Yesterday I successfully set up Local with Elementor Pro.

But today it wants me to activate a license and thus all Pro widgets are not usable. Any advice?

Been a little bit, but take a look at this additional thread I started after it appeared that a license was needed for localwp.  


I think the overall gist is that you should activate the license, but Elementor should recognize that as long as it is a .local, the activation will not count towards your license limit.

Ah great! Thank you very much!