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  • 29 November 2021
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Hello. I am making updates in WordPress to a blog post. This includes photos and text. However, when I click on Edit with Elementor the changes are not appearing there for me to complete.

Can someone please provide direction on how to correct this? Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

3 replies

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You have to decide whether you want to create your content in WP (classic or Gutenberg blocks) OR Elementor. You cannot combine this.


Thank you for your reply and your suggestion. I was able to go into elementary and format the blog page perfectly. Looks exactly the way I wanted it with all the flexibility that I needed. Thank you very much for the follow up greatly appreciate it.


Where is it offered to make this decision? I updated to Elementor Pro thinking that would make the page layout easier, but it doesn’t seem to be so. Do I need to make an “official” decision whether to use WP or Elementor exclusively? Also, if my site has used a mix of WP and Elementor, how do I straighten out the conflict? Thank you.