Elementor Full Width Not Working

  • 29 July 2021
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I’m doing a site with a Full Width heather images, all nice. But when i started the work again, suddenly when I copy or duplicate and even when I create a new page with my header in landscape (full width). The section as if it were a bug rejects and does not stretch the section. I've cleared the cache and tried it but it doesn't work. It stoped doing that. Full Width heather
Can anyone help :( please? Thank you



4 replies

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Have you tried changing the content width from 1200px?

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check the template u are using, use template with full width

Hi, thanks for your feedback, but today i created a new page and started from scratch and it did everything right.
Yesterday I must have been tired so I wasn't solving anything.

I still can’t get full width to work. I’ve checked all my settings - they are all set to Elementor Full Width.

@Simon Latham you asked about changing the px from 1200. What do you suggest changing it to? I have it maxed out.

@James Eddi you mentioned checking the template. Is the Hello template not full width compatible?