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  • 28 July 2021
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Hi everybody,

I’ve been struggling with this for a while now and I need some help.

Currently I’m working on a bookshop ecommerce page where I’ve created a custom taxomony (using the CPT UI plugin) called Autori (it refers on authors of the books).

I would like to make a following pages/sections from that taxonomy:

  1. An Autori page where I would show all authors on my website with thumbnail picture, and number of books.
  2. A single Autor page (template page) where I would show picture of author, biography and their books.
  3. Section in front page of several authors.

If somebody knows a solution to this, please help me. I'm still new to this.

Many thanks,


6 replies

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Sounds like you need a custom archive. Are you using Elementor Pro? I assume you are using Advanced Custom Fields as well.

I have the feeling that what you are asking for might require some custom development. I’ve made something less complex very recently and I needed to get my hands dirty in PHP.


Hi Nazrinn,

thanks on the reply.

Yes, I am using Elementor Pro. 

At this moment I have created a custom product taxonomy (book authors) and using the Elementor template I can make a custom taxonomy archive for each one of book authors.

Also, I would like to make one page where I would display all my book authors but I don’t know how to display it through Elementor.

Any advice on that or PHP is a solution?

Many thanks.


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Hi Rober,

Sounds like you’d need some sort of archive for your author? As well as a single page for them.

Buckle up because the explanation below is going to get quite technical. It’s hard to explain it all in such a brief amount of text, but I’ll do my best.


What I’d do if I was you is that I’d keep your Taxonomy and would make a Custom Post Type (dirty tutorial) named “Authors”, and then would put all the information you want on that author using Custom Fields (in your case: name, bio, social media links, etc.).

Then, to your “Authors” with your taxonomy, I’d use the author name from your Custom Post Type and make a query that would get me all the books that have a matching author (name) taxonomy.

After that, you’d have to create both an archive template and a single template for your Custom Post Type “Authors” using Elementor Theme Builder. Although Elementor can do most of it without too much code (especially for the single template), it will still require some code in order to display all the books the author made, or just display a nicely-made list of authors. This will have to be done in PHP.

As an experienced programmer, I could tell you this would take me at least a solid month of coding (including CSS styling). God forbid if you don’t know any PHP, HTML or CSS. That would be a heck of a ride for a first project.


TL;DR: You’ll have to do some advanced WordPress coding in order to achieve what you want. There is no avoiding it. There is paid plugins that can make your job much more easier, but you’ll still have some code to do. I know it’s probably not what you want to hear. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

Hope that answers your question.

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HI I don’t think you require much efforts you can display all the Authors name On a page.

If you require php :


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That's for blog author though (website users). Not exactly what OP is asking for. At the very least, even if they were using WordPress users to list their authors, they'd still need Custom Fields to display something like a bio.


Hi Helene and James,

thanks on the info.

I’ll see what is best solution for this.

Many thanks on comments.