Deindexed home page - unknown url

  • 27 July 2021
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I use woocommerce, elementor and wpml. Today for the second time in 2 weeks the home page of the Italian language (the main language of the site is English) has deindexed. I am investigating the problem. 

I went to the sitemap and saw this                                  55  2021-06-17 21:30 +02:00                55  2021-07-27 13:43 +02:00

the main url is correct. while the italian url i have this which redirects to

Where do you get it from /casa-1/ ?

I went to theme builder but there is nothing there. I can edit home pages only on public site by clicking on "edit page".

Can you help me understand what is going on?


2 replies

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You have 301 redirect set up for /it/casa-1/, maybe this page existed some time in the past?  There is also a redirect set up for /it/casa fyi.  Check your Apache .htaccess see if there are any more redirects, or you might have a plugin that is handling these.

There is no redirect. I've sent a support request to rank math. Let's see if it's up to them.