Contact Form Editing Freeze

  • 1 September 2021
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Eversince Elementor 3.4, there have been issues with editing the contact form widget in Elementor. It ends up freezing whenever we edit it and crashes the site. Is there a known plugin conflict or fix for this?


Best answer by Talia Biasevich 25 November 2021, 15:37

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8 replies

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just memory or php version Please check these two aspect first.
I have one Question did you test the form submission with basic field ?



Could it be something else? I did update php to 8.0 and increased memory limits to 256 and it is still not working right.


This issue happens at the backend when we change the form for editing. It still freezes

I have had this issue on hundreds of websites for many months.
Does anyone have a solution?

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Im having the same issue aswell! Any solutions, please share :D

Im having the same issue aswell! Any solutions, please share :D

Strangley lower the max amount of memory allocated on our servers fixed the issue for us

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Very weird! Ill give it a try! thanks!

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Hey Susan! I solved it by reverting the las elementor update, i´m working on the previous version now. I´m able to edit forms.