After recent upgrade, globe widgets disappear, shows empty blocks

  • 22 July 2021
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After my upgrade to Elementor 3.3.1 and Pro 3.3.4 my global widgets appear like this:  and it seems to be not every global widget, but the majority of them.

If I click on each one and simply select ‘edit’ the global widget then it suddenly appears.  It’s the same on all pages where these global widgets are.

However, when viewing the live page after having made other edits to the page and NOT touching those widgets, they appear to be in place as they should.

So it seems to only appear this way when I’m inside Elementor editing pages.

I’m running the latest WP 5.8

PHP 7.4.21

I’m using the latest version of OceanWP theme.

7 replies

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Not sure if this will work but try and hit Sync Library:


That did not seem to help, but thank you.

Does anybody else have any thoughts on this?  I’m not finding help anywhere… =(

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What happens if you delete the widget, then undo.  Does it come back?

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Does this happen on different browsers?  In dev tools do you see any errors?

Am facing this same issue. After I insert the global widget, cannot edit the widgets.
These widgets react differently.

Anyone please suggest some solution.


After i click edit, it shows some errors in console.

Global Widget control panel shows Empty.



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Hello @Tiffer did you find your answer here? If so, please consider clicking “Best answer” to help out others. If you found it elsewhere, please share it here so we can mark your answer as the best one.


​​​​​​@evan-sim Please start your own topic. Posting in another persons topic just means your post in unlikely to be seen. Hopefully you will get help if you still have your issue, thanks :)