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  • 26 July 2021
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Hello !

I am Claire, I have a travel blog:

I have written over 70 articles on my blog and I want to add a box for people to be able to leave a comment. Do I need to do it in each article one by one? Or is there any way I can set up a comment box at the bottom by default?

Thanks a lot!


6 replies

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Hi Claire,


That is actually a default WordPress setting.

You can find it in your dashboard>setting>discussion.
Check the boxes to let people comment on your blog.

You can also uncheck per blog post, in case you want some posts not to have the ability to comment.


Hope this helps,

Hi Annie,

Thank you so much for your answer!!

This setting is actually already active (cf below), however there is nowhere people can add a comment on my articles. I tried the different article templates from Elementor (canevas, full width, default…) but no comment box appears.



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Hi 👋

If you want a bit more control, you can make your own post template that is applied to all posts. You drop in the comments widget, or even the one for facebook comments, and it will appear on all your posts. 

Good luck! 

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Hi Claire,

Simply Drag and Drop Post comments widget to your single post template created by Elementor pro, the comments style and functionalities will inherit from your OceanWP theme or style it in Site settings.


If you’re not using Single post template concern with OceanWP ask them how to implement it.


After that, just make sure you enable Allow comments and Allow pingbacks & trackbacks in sidebar.


Thank you so much everyone for your help 😊🙏🏼

Hi, I am having the same problem, I have added the post comments widget to the end of my page and users can post comments but they are not displayed on the page below the comment form.

I have gone through the suggested settings in this thread without success. Any advice would be great.

I have some confusion over where I enable this though. I have tried it under Customize option in Appearance, as well as in the individual post’s itself Is there a specific setting in elementor to make it work?

“After that, just make sure you enable Allow comments and Allow pingbacks & trackbacks in sidebar.”