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  • 14 January 2022
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Hi everyone, I am having some trouble with nav menu and pop-ups.
I designed my popup menu as a series of popups - Nav link Nr. 1 opens popup Nr. 1, nav link Nr. 2 open popup Nr. 2 etc.


Desired results

As you can see, this should be the process and the result:
1. I get on the page.

2. I hover on the navigation button, it gets underlined.

3. When clicked, a full page popup (with the main nav on it) opens and the button remains underlined.
Now: If I click the underlined button again, it should close the popup.
If I click a Second menu item 1, it should take me to its page.

4. Once on the subpage, the first button (Nav link Nr. 1) should remain underlined.

So far:
I achived opening the popups from the nav menu by following this tutorial:

  • The remaining problems are:
    • The main nav buttons do not remain underlined once clicked, not on the popup and not on the subpage.
    • Also, when clicking the nav buttons on a popup, they do not close the popup.

Any ideas how to proceed?

Thanks a bunch!

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