3.3.4 Update

  • 27 July 2021
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Wordpress shows Elementor 3.3.4 update, but won’t update. Website download has vs. 3.3.1

What is going on?


Best answer by Abner Rojas 27 July 2021, 17:36

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9 replies

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Try and follow these steps see if it helps:

Yes same thing. Elementor keeps telling me to update to 3.3.4 to access certain features but it won’t update. Incredibly frustrating

Same here. I have tried the suggested steps, but still “Unauthorized”.

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What happens when you try and update?

Says. Unauthorized.

Guys this is  ahuge problem!!!


We have 48 websites that can’t update and are reporting “Update failed: Download failed. Unauthorized”

We have a 1000 websites license valid so we are in a big trouble with your huge problem.


We have done all the steps in the documentation. Not even the rollback is working so please fix it ASAP!

Thanks Abner. That worked for us. We had an “unauthorized” error. We deactivated from the elementor website and then disconnected and reconnected the license activation on our site. Then we were able to update.



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Same here. Really frustrating that this is still not resolved and we seem to be getting no help from Elementor. 

Try and follow these steps see if it helps:

@Abner Rojas did everything step by step and still NO difference

Update failed: Download failed. Unauthorized