Where to extend elementor form?

  • 7 October 2021
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Hi there,


This is a beginner development question.


I am looking at extending the Elementor Form to allow for conditional actions (different API calls based off different checkboxes).


Where would one normally insert this PHP code once it is done?

  1. is it written as an entirely seperate plugin?
  2. Or is there somewhere else to put the code? Like in the Elementor-pro plugin directory?

Thank you!



For more context, I am following the Custom Form Action documentation at, however am not sure where to place the code - I’ve seen on YouTube someone use their theme’s php file, is that a good choice? Is a completely new plugin the way to go? Or is there somewhere else appropriate that requires less work than an entirely new plugin?

4 replies

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Bump - any support please?

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For more context - I am following the Custom form actions documentation at - I have no issue with the guides and how to write the logic, it’s just a matter of placing the code somewhere it will be run - where is an appropriate place to put the code?  I’ve seen some on YouTube do this in the theme’s php file but I am wondering if there is a more appropriate place.

You must use the theme functions.php.

If you know the WordPress architecture, you can configure how you want it.

But this tutorial is outdated I think, it’s not working.

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