Weight Calculator Form with conditional Logic

  • 24 November 2021
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Hi team, need your help. Now I am working for a steel company website, they have one main requirement for weight calculator. I will attach a similar company weight calculator form, kindly check this and let me know if this fix is from your plugin.
If yes, kindly guide me to complete the weight calculator form.

Similar website Link:

The first dropdown is Material
The second dropdown is Grade
based on these two options I will show different input filed(3 inputs, 4 inputs, 5 inputs based on customer selection on 1st and 2nd dropdown) to customers and make some calculations and display the result in the weight field.

2 replies

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Hi, the elementor team is too lazy to implement this functionality, even though they have been asked hundreds of times to add the conditional logic feature to a form widget. I guess the best and quickest solution for you will be to use plugins: contact form 7 and free plugin (conditional logic)

Hi Alex,

Maybe the elementor team is secretly (or not) selling the other plugins with calculated fields... If not then I don't get it why don't they add such important feature...