Slider in Elementor and customizing it with CSS

  • 26 October 2021
  • 3 replies

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Hello all, 

I was wondering if anyone has tried customizing the Slides widget using css? What I am attempting to do is add text background color to only the text not the entire description box. I have tried using all sorts of display inline entries, entering in an <h1> tag into the description and even a <span> tag then call it in css.,but it doesn’t work.

Any help would be amazing!

3 replies

Can you share the link to the site, where the slider is visible?

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I had the same question and found this solution: I also added opacity: 0.5; to the CSS to fade the background color. 

I want ask directly sorry. Slider of Elementor makes all titles as H1. and its bad for seo. how can i fix this? help please.