Problem with contact form

  • 24 November 2021
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Hello everyone,

I have an issue with the contact form.

I have hundreds of pages that all lead to the same contact form through a button. When I receive a message through the contact form, I would like to know if there’s a way to know where this message came from, I’m referring to the page where the user was before they clicked on the button that led them to the contact form page. I have Elementor Pro.

I hope I made myself clear. Thank you all in advance. 

2 replies

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yes you can come to know using cookies, or similar thing, were you can store info, create a hidden filed this filed will store the last url that you got here.. and you will get into your email. His route to this page.

Thank you so much James for your answer! And how should I do it with the Hidden field? By adding dynamic tags? Thank you in advance!