Optimizing Workflow and Default Styles and CSS

  • 14 January 2022
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I am going to give this another shot.  Is there anyone out there that has created an efficient flow for creating a website style guide?  To my knowledge you cannot export, see or print the global styles, global colors and theme settings unless you manually go in and copy and paste them.  I spent some time looking at the the WP files and various style sheets as well as messing around with Firefox developer tools.  I am looking for one way to print out the styles for each client website after I am done creating it.  This could be by identifying one or two .css files where the info is stored for elementor or using a browser tool to copy and paste to a .txt file. 


Is there anyone out there that does this or can help with this?  Is everyone really copying and pasting everything?  Am I missing something?



3 replies

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WordPress has an export function where you can select what to export.  Have you tried this?



Hi John, Thank you for your response.  It is great to know someone is out here :)

I may not have worded the issue well, but below is an example of what I am hoping to achieve.  As you can see, I can copy and paste the elementor kit from the inspector in Firefox browser tools(which is a huge help), but I am hoping to find one workflow that will give me all the options I chose when creating a new site.  In this way I am able to create a client style guide with font sizes, hex codes, padding, etc. without having to go in and out of each setting in elementor.  

I can view the style sheets when looking at “Page Source” but there are about 15 of them and they are minified.  I just tested and that is helpful as well, but neither solution is a quick easy way to pull out everything I want easily. Basically, I am wondering if there is an aggregated syles.css that I don’t know about or if there is a way to export it all from chrome or firefox browser tools so I can easily record the settings I have used to create a site.  I hope I am making sense.


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Try this to see if it helps

How to Export a WordPress Site (Everything You Ought to Know) (

I’ve got to run out for a while, but I’ll catch you later this afternoon if that doesn’t help