It's time to cleanup the Experiments list in Elementor Settings

  • 30 June 2021
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I had filed this last week and it was moved to a “discussion” (which let’s face it - nobody really uses on GitHub meaning they don’t get the attention they deserve in many cases) so I figured I may as well also bring this up in the new Elementor Community / Forum / Hub. Reference:


The Experiments list in Elementor Settings as of Elementor v3.4.0-dev5 & Elementor Pro v3.4.0-dev21 has now grown to a pretty lengthy list, and hasn't been cleaned up since Experiments were started (I think back in 3.1). This raises several questions and concerns:

  1. There are too many experiments for users to keep track of - there are currently 11 as of the current developer edition.
  2. A few of the experiments were presented as full features such as Video Playlist, Form Submissions, Landing Pages, and more. Why are these listed as Experiments at all if they were marketed as a fully functioning feature? Shouldn't those have been removed from Experiments and fully productized?
  3. Something fairly simple like the "Admin Bar"... I'm a bit curious why something like that would even be an experiment in the first place. I'm assuming there's justification for it, but I can't think of anything that would explain that one.
  4. Since Experiments were introduced, I don't think I've seen a single experiment actually "graduate" to being fully productized yet in all this time, which seems strange.

What problem is your feature request going to solve? Please describe.
Cleaning up the Experiments list in order to improve the user experience, especially for beginners. This will also progress the Elementor product.

Describe the solution you'd like
I'd like the Elementor team to review the Experiments list, determine what is truly "unstable" enough to still need to be an Experiment, and make the necessary changes to clean up the list of experiments by promoting the stable ones to a proper productized release.

I'd also like for new features being introduced in new versions which are actually experiments to be very clear that they're experiments only and thus unstable and not recommended for production sites, etc. In my opinion the marketing materials such as for the most recent Video Playlist widget promote the widget as if it was a fully functional and stable version, when by definition of it being an experiment it must not be too stable yet for a production level website. These need to be cleaned up and clarified, in my opinion.

Additional context
I love the idea of Experiments, but I (and others based on comments in other posts and on the Facebook group) feel the Experiments feature is perhaps being a little bit "abused" now. Some experiments make sense that they'd take a while before being fully productized (such as the Optimize DOM, Improve Asset Loading, etc experiments because of the high risk with all the customizations users make), but many experiments also seem to be "stuck" as an experiment despite seeming totally stable. Also if any experiments are being defaulted to "on" for new sites (as several of them do), then I'd assume this means they're stable enough to be production-worthy? In such a case, may be worth removing it as an experiment and making it fully productized (but maybe put into a "legacy compatibility" mode for those types of experiments so they can be disabled still). I hope that the Elementor team will find the above useful and make efforts to clean up the Experiments list and improve the documentation / marketing around new features which are actually just experiments still.




What do you all think? I’m perplexed by some of the choices to make “Experiments” such as “Video Playlist” and such, because in my mind “Experiments” in general shouldn’t be used in production systems because they are either not reliable yet or not stable enough hence the whole “Experiments” designation in the first place. Yet the marketing for some of them seem contradictory such as the “Video Playlist” widget being an Experiment still.

4 replies

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Can @Shilo or somebody from the Elementor Engineering team please review this thread and have someone respond accordingly? The new Hub isn’t too useful if people aren’t responding who can do something about it. ;-) 

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I agree to the experiment list going out of hand.
Added to that; what will happen to the experiments with updates. Don't have time to check every setting on every website on every update. So in order to be sure everything works I try to set as minimal experiments as possible.


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I wish someone from the Elementor team would speak to this. 

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I’m surprised I haven’t heard back from anyone yet on this like @Dor Shahar or @Shilo . Would be great if we could have a discussion on this sometime soon, as the Experiments list continues to grow with none of them having “graduated” yet since the Experiments functionality began. It’s a bit unwieldy to manage these (and keep them in sync) across so many different websites, not to mention all the concerns listed in my original post. Would love to have a conversation on this.