HUGE white space rightside of page on tablet and mobile (overflow: hidden doesn't work)

  • 22 November 2021
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I have recently updated the websites header, footer and page and discovered that on mobile and tablet view the page width extends to around 910px for some reason.




I have already tried:

  • adding overflow to the css
  • hide overflow on the individual modules
  • delete modules 1-by-1 to see if one of them had a bad px width/margin

I notice that this issue now occurs to all other site pages and I think it may be the header or footer but cannot see anything out of the ordinary…


Additional Info

  • The page template is Elementor Full Width
  • Wordpress and Elementor versions are up to date


Example links

On this page the sections have been set to ‘stretch section’ and they look great but then you scroll right on mobile and see huge space


On all other pages like where there is no ‘stretch section’ the page content stretches across 910px or so…


If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!!


Best answer by Asjley Wiltshire 23 November 2021, 17:23

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I have found the solution to this. 

The Header and Footer builder plugin was incompatible with the Enfold theme.  Rebuilding the footer and header as pages/posts and setting them as header/footer in the theme directly fixed this.