How to move Elementor files to non-wordpress site??

  • 12 January 2022
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Hey everyone!

I am doing a project for a development team that doesn’t want to install Wordpress onto their server, and would rather just code the website from scratch. Is it possible once I’ve made the Elementor design on my own Wordpress site, to then export every single file needed to be place onto the new website that doesn’t have Wordpress? 

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You really can’t easily.  Elementor uses much of it’s own CSS and JavaScript and that’s in their plug-in folder.  WordPress adds it’s own as well.  The there is the database where a lot of code is stored.

The migration plugins out there are just copying all the files except the WordPress code.

If they paid you to work in Elementor then you have to tell them you can’t do the migration because of all of the CSS and JavaScript.  

If they just paid you to do the design without regard to what platform you used.  Then it’s on you.  

You could try getting them on a managed host like Flywheel WP Engine. 

I hope it works out.