Footer not showing on iPad and mobile devices

  • 8 October 2021
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Hi, I have the newest version of elementor and elementor PRO.

I have been editting my footer. However, when I wanted to see changes on iPad and mobile, the footer disappeared. It’s visible only on a desktop. In a chrome device inspector it’s also visible when I choose an iPad or any phone type. I didn’t availiable any visibility options, so that won’t be the problem. Even if I created a new footer in a theme builder, nothing appeared on iPad or mobile.

Please can you give me someone some advice?


2 replies

I got that problem. The footer displays on PC, tablet, and mobile in Elementor, but when I look at the published front end it is only displayed on the pc and not the tablet or mobile. Yet I can simultaneously insert a basic footer through the theme settings.

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is that resolved ?