"Elementor Data Updater Database update process is running in the background." Will not go away.

Hi All, This will not go away …

… when I click the button, I get a blank page. Then if I hit the browser back button, it breaks the website.

Any Ideas?


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Maybe roll back the update, disable other plugins, re-apply the update and see if that works.

Yeah, I’ll try that after hours. Can’t do it now, too much traffic and admin activity. I’ll let you know if it works.

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Yeah, if you can run all these updates on a staging site, then apply to production.  It will save your tears :)

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Actually, it fixed itself on updating to the next version of Elementor and Elementor Pro. The next update came out just a few days later. 

Its still giving me issues and i don’t know what to do again because my website becomes blank everytime i activate the lates version of elementor

I have been searching everywhere for a solution but most folks say they can’t get rid of it without rolling back.  Does anyone know if this error causes websites to slow down?  I read something that this issue has heavy CPU usage.

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How come this is still not fixed? 


We are still waiting for a response to this problem.

I have the same problem. To deactivate all plugins and try again or switch to the old version and update with the new version didn`t solve my problem.

I tried everything nothing works. I have also problems if I switch back to former versions of Elementor there coming failure messages. The latest Version which works fine is the Version 3.4.0 all versions including the new one 3.4.6 shows the same failure message.

My Website is still working, also when I switch with the failures message to version 3.4.6 only some pictures are not anylonger the right format and getting small. This is also very weird.

It`s not a solution to stay all the time on 3.4.0 version of Elementor. Has anybody the same problem and fixed the problem?

I saw that in other problem discriptions the people have still problems with this failure. I hope someone can give an except instruction to fix it. Thanks.

I updated a staging site to 3.4.7 and everything looked OK. So I updated my actual page to 3.4.7 and got that same message at the top. It would not go away, slowed the site down significantly but still never showed up on my staging site. Rolled the update back on the main website to 3.4.3 and that message is gone. Not going to update to 3.4.7 until that is resolved. I will be contacting Elementor to see if there is a solution cause I agree staying on old versions can cause problems in itself.


I had the same problem for some months now.

Just fixed it with those steps:
1. Deactivated all my plugins.
2. Activated only Elementor and Elementor Pro, 
3. Next step was updating database.

Now its over and i dont have any warnings!

Site is on Wordpress 5.8.2
Elementor =  3.4.7
Elementor Pro = 3.5.1


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I followed up an above procedure of William K.
It worked with a same issue of mine.


Used SW:

Elementor 3.4.8
Elementor 3.5.1
WordPress 5.8.2

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