Double image on Related product widget

  • 11 November 2021
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I'm having trouble with the Related products box. I can set it the way I want and it shows correctly when editing, but when I open a product page, it doubles the product image... It was working fine a few days ago, I haven't changed anything, but now this is happening.

Has anyone ever seen this before? Any suggestions?



Editing page:


Product page:


7 replies

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I have not seen this happen before,  but any chance of being able to view the site on our side (share a link)?  Might help to look at the code populating the duplicate image and figure out where it is coming from.  I know that some themes will populate differently when viewing on the front-end versus what we see in the Elementor editing screen.  This often happens with WooCommerce related pages, though I am not definitely saying this duplicate issue is theme related...but it might be.  Just thinking out loud!



I am having the same issue. 


If you look at the single-products template in preview mode, you only see 1 image,  But if you get out of preview mode, you see 2 images.



Did you find a solution to this?


We’re seeing exactly this issue too on this site:


It only seems to have been happening since the most recent elementor update?


In the related products Advanced CSS add:

selector a>img:nth-child(2) {
    display: none !important;

The issue may have been with the siteground optimizer plugin



Hi! Anybody found any solution? I’m experiencing the same issue.

When using the upsell elementor pro widget, I can double image of the one item added to the upsell.

I recently transferred over a clients existing website to new hosting with SiteGround, after which I encountered the same issue. If I turned off the Lazy Load Media setting in SiteGround’s built in SG Optimiser plugin, it fixed the double image problem. Not a perfect solution.


Yes, the same solution worked for me too.