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  • 21 November 2021
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I’m needing to create a widget for a wordpress page…

The problem is my page is an elementor page and not a standard wordpress page. What I would like to do is use the custom code mentioned in the article in the creation of a elementor widget or something like it. Any ideas?


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The “Head & Footer Code” plugin described in the article you linked should work even with elementor. Did you try it already?



I installed the plugin and tried it but it put a box with content at the top of every page, above the header bar, so I had to delete that. I’m no advanced user so I’m not sure how to control it since we want this for specific areas of specific pages and not all. The idea is to have widgets, links, or buttons for each service on the service page. That way when a person clicks the selected service it will land them on the purchase page in Practice Better.

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you can use custom code, wihout plugins using wordpress hooks,
you can use it with plugins,  like directly insrt php code
you can insrt html code using elementor html code widget. its just html

Currently I have a button on my page which it would be ideal to update with some kind of dynamic tag or something with code like what I attached inside it so that a popup occurs when the button is pushed which displays this (the attached info). Is that possible?

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Elementor itself allows you to insert these custom codes, through the following path: Elementor -> Custom Code. My interface is in Portuguese, so forgive me.



After you click on this option it asks where you want to place your code, head, body start and body end.    


When you publish it asks which pages you want this code to be present on.



Thanks for the detailed explanation. I will try this out though it appears to not be very controllable