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  • 25 October 2021
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Hi there,

We want to have some people to be able to modify the elementor parts (pages, templates, etc.) on our website, but those people should never be able to export either templates or pages.


Is there a way to do so? The people could add, edit or delete everything, but not to be able to export anything.



8 replies

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I'd say that isn't possible.


Or would there be a way to disable the feature? So we can activate it only when we need it..? 

(I’m thinking out loud here)

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It’s possible to hide any part of the menu, e.g. show the pages but hide the templates individualy for certain users. You even can hide any page or template for certain users. Dunno if this helps...


It’s not exactly hiding the templates or pages, actually. My question wasn’t clear, sorry. 

I was wondering if there was a way to hide or disable the “export templates” “button” ? So that users can’t see it or use it..  

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I did understand you!

I just spoke about alternatives – thinking loud as you were. :wink:


Oh, sorry! haha

Since the users still need to be able to access to the templates and edit them, I don’t think hiding them would be a good options.. 

Thanks anyway :) !

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You can try to hide it with CSS (classname, display:none)

A good plugin to modifiy the backend is add admin css

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