updating existing posts by updating a template

  • 23 September 2021
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Hi all,

I hope somebody here can clarify this question.

I made a template for an original design of a single post (using Elementor Pro and Hello Theme). This worked well. After a year of use of the website and creation of many pages, I wanted to make small changes to the layout. When I made these changes to the layout on my template, all new post conform to it, but all existing older content remains with their original layout. 

I cannot find a way to automatically update all this old content. Am I wasting my time looking for a solution? Is this the way templates work, just as a way to style new content but not existing one? I don’t find anyone else asking a similar question here so maybe I misunderstand the use of templates?


All the best.


3 replies

Heya, I am in the same position :) 

is there a way of updating old posts to a new template?

This post talks about using global widgets for all the static elements

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Hi there!

That´s right.

Templates apply styling to a page, but don´t keep that page “linked” for future modifications.

To apply changes to previously published content, Global Widgets do the job.

Here is a detailed explanation: