Transparent to colour nav works but with a glitch.

  • 19 October 2021
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Hi fellow elementor designers,


I have my site here: 

CSS is pasted below. The issue is, in the development environment it works perfectly, but when live, I needed scroll down and up again to get the transparent nav to work. It should ideally be working as soon as the page loads. 

What could the bug be and how might we resolve it?


Thank you!


.elementor-sticky--effects {
   background: white !important; /* change the background color here*/

.elementor-sticky--effects .sticky-menu-items ul li a /* change the menu text color here*/ {
   color: black !important;

.elementor-sticky--effects, .sticky-menu-items ul li a {
  transition: .6s all ease-in-out;
.d-logo {
 display: none;
.elementor-sticky--effects .d-logo {
 display: inline-block;
.elementor-sticky--effects .l-logo {
 display: none;

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