Shortcode of a template ignores the template's margin on tablet and mobile

  • 11 October 2021
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I have build a template for my website, that I will re-use very often on the platform. Therefor I created a template to later use the shortcode to insert whereever I need. This way I only need to edit the template.

Unfortunately the margin in Mobile and Tablet View is not working at all. 
I deactivated all plugins, still did not work. I inserted the template directly (not with shortcode) and the view is correct. I added a new page, added the shortcode again and the whole view is different to to either the shortcode in the previous page, or in the template. There is clearly something not working properly.


I also used the “template” widget in elementor.

Attached are 2 screenshots. The one with the margins is the template, the other one the shortcode on a page.


Best answer by Philipp Rasche 15 November 2021, 22:45

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1 reply

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hey guys

Found the solution. It is actually a bug that is being fixed by elementors dev team. Go to settings → Experiments and deactivate the additional breakpoints and its great.


There is another bug: If you place a template within another template, than those look weird in elementor, but work fine in real.