Pop up gets cut off

  • 11 October 2021
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Help please this is driving me crazy.

I have a pop up with booking form on the page below (orange button in corner). Its good on all sizes except mobile. On mobile I can get any bottom padding or margin to register so on chrome and small iPhones the very bottom of the form gets cut off and it wont scroll up. How on earth do I add some padding to the bottom on mobile to move the form up?????


2 replies

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Please share your popup settings. What if you set the height to 90vh in stead of 100 vh?



Thats an idea I haven't tried. I will test that tomorrow when my coworker who has an iPhone SE comes in. The main issue is mobile chrome as the bottom bar menu of the browser doesnt go away. Also the smaller SE iPhone has the bottom 10% of the screen blocked in both chrome and safari, so the button is always blocked off. 

I dont know why bottom padding and margin doesnt work on the front end even though it shows in Elementor. I have tried playing with all 3 options - fit to content, full screen, custom. I am now using 100vh  and 90vh on mobile. This pushes the top of the form off screen so I have to set a padding of 300px to bring it back down. It all just seems to be playing around and pushing and pulling it and hoping to get lucky.